Setting Up Users

You can set up multiple users in Sage Simply Accounting, each with their own set of security access rights. If you are using an edition lower than Sage Simply Accounting Premium, only one user can work in a company file at a time. Otherwise, the maximum number of users that can work in the same company file at the same time is based on your licence agreement. (Premium)

Before you can add new users, you must assign a password to the user, sysadmin. Sysadmin represents the primary user of your company (commonly called the System Administrator). Anyone who opens the company with this user name and password can access all of your company's data.

Do not forget the System Administrator's password. Without it, you may not be able to access all of the components of your company.

Only the System Administrator can change the list of modules a user can access.

Security with Multiple Users

If more than one person uses your data, it’s a good idea to set up user security access, including passwords. User security can control whether a user can display or change certain data, view product-related messages, identify who created a transaction, prevent unauthorized use of certain parts of the program, or exclude users altogether. You can also control the way non-Sage Simply Accounting products such as Crystal Reports® or Microsoft® Access use your data. Within each module of the program, you can also specify which reports a user can view or modify. (Enterprise)

If your staff grows or changes quickly, it may be more convenient to create security roles with a limited set of access rights. Once you create a security role, it can be assigned to any new or existing accounting user. (Enterprise)

Once you set up a password for a user, the user must always enter the password when starting Sage Simply Accounting, unless you later choose to clear passwords.

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