T4 Slips and T4 Summary

T4 slips list the employee earnings and tax information you must submit to the federal government at the end of the calendar year. This information includes:

You can file paper copies of T4 slips, or you can file them electronically. However, in both cases, you have to provide copies to your employees. Note: If you are filing more than 50 slips, the CRA requires you to file your slips electronically.

A T4 Summary lists the total values from amounts reported on related T4 slips, and is submitted together with the T4 slips.

Printing T4 slips and summary

You can use Sage Simply Accounting to print T4 slips and its associated T4 summary on pre-printed forms or on plain paper. If you are using pre-printed forms, we recommend you do a test print so that you can adjust the print alignment and font settings if necessary.

Filing electronically

Sage Simply Accounting offers the option to electronically file (EFILE) your T4 slips via the Internet File Transfer (XML) service or on electronic media. For more information about filing T4 slips and summary electronically, see About Filing T4 Slips Electronically. You do not need to submit a summary when you file electronically.

General prerequisites for filing T4 slips

Before filing, verify that you have these prerequisites:

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