Opening Your Company Data with Other Programs

Any program that can handle ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) — such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel — can open the Sage Simply Accounting database directly. You can then use these third-party programs to create customized reports based on your company data.

You could also change the data, but we strongly discourage you from changing the database outside of Sage Simply Accounting, as you could cause problems in your data without receiving an appropriate warning.

Before you can gain access to the database file, you need an ODBC data source that points to the database. When you complete any task in Sage Simply Accounting, such as changing a record, a data source is automatically created. By default, its name is Sage Simply Accounting: Filename.sai (where Filename is the name of your company data file). Third-party programs use the information in this profile to open your company data.

If you send your data to someone who does not own a copy of Sage Simply Accounting, you must set up additional users in Sage Simply Accounting in order for them to be able to open your data in another program. The person opening your company data must then create an ODBC data source manually. To do this, they need to have:

For more information, refer to the following:

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