Filing T4 Slips Electronically

Use Sage Simply Accounting to electronically file (EFILE) your T4 slips via the Internet File Transfer (XML) service or on electronic media according to government specifications. Electronic filing speeds processing, so you can complete year-end tasks quickly.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires that you file your payroll tax forms by the last day of February (or the next business day, if this day falls on a Saturday or Sunday ) of the calendar year following the year to which they pertain. You must also distribute copies of the T4 slips to your employees by this same date.

Note: If you are filing more than 50 slips, the CRA requires you to file your slips electronically.

Filing via the Internet

Visit the CRA web site for current information about file size restrictions on Internet File Transfer.

Filing on electronic media

Filing on electronic media involves recording your T4 slips and T4 Summary report on diskette, CD or DVD in XML.

Note: Sage Simply Accounting cannot write to multiple disks.Use the appropriate media that enables you to save all your information on one disk.

Prerequisites for filing T4 slips electronically

Besides the general prerequisites for filing T4 slips, you must be registered for the CRA E-File service. When you register, you will receive one or both of the following:

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