Backing Up Your Company

Backing up your company creates a second copy of your company data in a .CAB folder. The information in this folder is a snapshot of your company's records up to the day on which the backup copy was made. Any changes made to your company after the backup is performed are not reflected in the backup copy. You can, of course, create backup copies of your company as often as you want. The only limit is the amount of storage space you have available.

It is a very good idea to keep the backup copies of your company data on a different storage device than the one you use to store your working copy of your company.

There are many reasons to maintain a regular and frequent backup schedule for your company data. For example, from your backup you can:

In order to minimize the impact of data loss, it is a good idea to schedule regular,automatic backups for your business.

Note: When you back up your company, be sure to give each copy a unique name. If you need to refer to a specific copy in the future, it will be easier to identify.

Checking the backup file after backing up

When Sage Simply Accounting performs this check, it is comparing the copy you have created during the backup with the original. If the files do not match, the program will ask you to repeat the back up process.

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