Complete the PD7A Payroll Remittance Form

The PD7A is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) payroll remittance form. On it, you report EI premiums, CPP contributions, and federal income tax withheld from your employee's pay.

Use Sage Simply Accounting's Remittance Summary Report to help you complete the PD7A.

Before you can perform this task

To complete the electronic or paper version of the PD7A:

  1. In Sage Simply Accounting, display the Remittance Summary report for the remittance period.

    This report contains the total EI, CPP, and federal income tax deducted at source for the selected remittance period. Withholding amounts are based on the total (gross) wages paid to employees during the remittance period dates. The gross wage amount is noted beneath the remittance amounts for the Receiver General payroll authority.

  2. Fill in your name, address, and account number (your business number).
  3. On the Remittance Summary report, locate the Note following the remittance detail for the Receiver General. Use the information contained within the Note to fill in the gross payroll amount for the remittance period (rounded to the nearest dollar), and the number of employees in the last pay period.
  4. Fill in the end date of the remittance period.
  5. Fill in the month and year of the remittance.
  6. Fill in the amount owed from the Remittance Summary report. This amount is the sum of employer and employee contributions for CPP and EI, plus income tax deducted at source during the remittance period.

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