Modify the Inventory Summary Report

To modify the Inventory Summary report:

  1. In the Home window, open the Report Center. Select Inventory & Services and then Summary. Click Modify this report.
  2. (Optional) Select the Template you want to use for the report.
  3. In the Select From section, select the type of items you want to report on.
  4. In the Report quantities in section, select the unit of measure you want to use in the report.
  5. (Optional) Select Item summary as at and enter the end (As At) date for the report.
  6. (Optional) Select Include inactive items.
  7. (Optional) Select Include internal service activities.
  8. Select the item information you want to appear in the report. Click Select All to report on everything in the list.
  9. (Optional) Select Show Locations and click Select Locations. (Premium)
  10. (Optional) Customize the:
  11. (Optional) Save the report as a template in My Reports.
  12. Click OK to display the report.

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