You probably have a rough idea of your revenue and expense targets for the year, both for your company as a whole, for different divisions or specific customer projects. If you have recently written a business plan or spoken with an accountant, it is likely that you have already created a budget. You can enter that budget into Sage Simply Accounting to keep track of it, to compare it to your actual revenue and expenses, as well as to record changes to it. You can then periodically print income statements that compare budgeted amounts to actual amounts, and create budgets for specific projects.

Budgeting considerations: 

Why should I set up a budget?

A budget helps keep your business on track by setting out a detailed plan that predicts where your money is coming from and where it's going. Use it to spot problem areas quickly and run your business more effectively.

How do I check my actuals to the budget?

Sage Simply Accounting provides two key reports to help you compare budget numbers to what your company is actually earning/spending. Graphs are handy when you want to include visuals for a presentation (you can copy a graph into a bitmap (an image) file then paste it into your presentation).



Keeping the budget up-to-date

At any time, you can change your budget expectations for a particular account or project. You may also want to increase or decrease your entire budget by a certain percentage (for example you may want to account for inflation on building costs).

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