Pay a Bill from a Vendor

Before you can perform this task

To enter a payment made to a vendor:

  1. Open the Payments window for purchase invoices. How?
      1. In the Home window, click Vendors & Purchases on the navigation pane.
      2. In the Tasks pane, right-click the Payments icon and select Pay Purchase Invoices from the menu.
  2. Provide the payment details.
  3. In this area:

    Enter the following information:


    Select a payment method from the list.


    If you are paying by cash, cheque, or direct deposit, select the bank account from which the money will be taken.

    To the Order of

    Select the vendor that you are paying.

    Cheque No.

    If you are paying by cheque, type your cheque number.

    Direct Deposit No.

    If you are paying by direct deposit, type a payment reference number for this direct deposit transaction. This number will also be used to identify this transaction when you upload the direct deposit file to your direct deposit service provider.


    Enter the date on which you make the payment. This date is printed on the cheque and is also recorded as the transaction date.

  4. (Optional) If you want to see the fully paid invoices and prepayments for this vendor, click the Include Fully Paid Invoices/Prepayments toolbar button .
  5. Select the transaction to which you want to apply a payment and enter the following details. Transactions are divided into two groups and appear in ascending chronological order within each group (the oldest transaction at the top). Invoices and credit notes, which are sorted by due date, are followed by prepayments, which are sorted by transaction date.
  6. In this area:

    Enter the following information:

    Discount Taken column

    Type the amount of any available discount you are taking for the selected invoice, or click in the column to enter the full amount.

    Payment Amount column

    Enter the amount you want to pay toward the selected invoice, or click in the column to enter the full amount.

  1. To print the cheque, click Print on the toolbar, or select Print from the File menu.
  2. (Optional) Review the details of a payment during its preparation.
  3. Click Process.
  4. If you signed up with Sage Simply Accounting for direct deposit, submit the direct deposit file that contains this transaction.

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