Reversing Transactions

Sage Simply Accounting provides two ways to make corrections to transactions: adjustments and reversals.

If you find an error in a transaction, you can reverse the transaction in one of two ways: click the Void button in the transaction window or reverse the transaction manually. You can reverse the following transactions:

Reverse Transactions - One Step

For transactions that include details and are in the current or previous fiscal period, you can use the Void button in the transaction window. Sage Simply Accounting automatically makes the necessary entries to quickly reverse the transaction.

Reverse Transactions Manually

You must make a manual reversal when you no longer have the transaction details in your company file, or if the transaction is not from the current or previous fiscal period. If you find an error in a transaction after its details have been cleared, you must reversal it manually, and then enter the correct transaction details. You cannot delete transactions.

Note: If you are using Sage Simply Accounting Accountants' Edition, you have access to all of your client's accounts through the General Journal. (Accountants' Edition)

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